About me


City: Siebnen SZ 

Date of birth: 04.03.1987

Hobbies: sports (squash, inline skating, athletics), travelling, cooking & baking, languages, going out with friends

Job: head office at Radbar Schmerikon

Contact: info@marina-gilardoni.ch

About sports


Since my youngest years, I have always enjoyed being active and competing against others. Therefore I joined the local sports club Turnverein Eschenbach and enjoyed national competitions (heptathlon) for more than 10 years. 



2007, I discovered a team sport, that harmony and team spirit were essential factor fo success. During the following 3 years, I got to know the bobsleigh circuit as part of the national team. I was confronted with prejudices and questions because women bobsleigh wasn't that common in Switzerland. Winning the world Junior championship twice with two different pilotes, completed my career as a breakman. I had an unforgettable and great life experience and want to thank everybody that supported / cheered for me during these years.



After the season 2009/2010, I was looking for a new challenge and tried skeleton in St.Moritz. I got addicted from my first run on... adrenaline, power and the effort to improve from run to run. The ice sport got me again!  


I made my first (race) experiences in European Cup during the season 2010/11: learning by doing ;-)


Already one year later, I celebrated my debut in the highest race series, in World Cup. The goal was, to keep the 2nd WC spot for Switzerland and to learn racing skeleton on the same time. To compete agains the best skeleton athletes in the world, was a big challenge which sometimes made me crazy - but this was, what pushed me to improve at the same time. I learned so much during that season, not only about the sport but about myself.


2012 / 2013 I qualified again for World Cup. As the leader in the swiss team, I acheived my first top 15 results in World Cup and my first national title in St. Moritz. 


Th winter 2013 / 2014 was full of surprises. I was ranked within the top 10 in World Cup, 7th in the overall standing and qualified for the Olympic Games in Sochi. My sportive dream came true and I was very honourer to represent my country as the only skeleton athlete. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to acheive my best performance at the competition but the olympic experience encourage me for my further years in this amazing sport.  


Consistant top 8 finishes were the goal of the season 2014/15. I mostly acheived my goals and topped them with the 4th and 6th ranked finishes (WC Igls / WC Altenberg). A great season is over, that brought me closer to my goals. Thanks a lot to my coaches, Sponsors and fans-

you support and push me to go further, faster and closer to the best!


What an incredible season 2015/16! Due to material - & coaches changes, I wanted to establish myself in the top 10 of the world and confirm the results from the former season. 4 podium finishes, bronce at the european champs and 4th at the world champs, were way more than my coaches and me expected in advance :-) The changes were definatly at the right time and the right "direction"!  



Saison 2015 / 2016, Skeleton 

2nd World Cup Lake Placid with new push record 

3rd  World Cup Königssee

3rd  World Cup Königssee

3rd  World Cup St.Moritz / European Championship with new track record  

4th  World Championship Igls

6th  World Cup Whistler

8th  World Cup Winterberg

12th World Cup Park City


14th World Cup Altenberg




Season 2014 / 2015, Skeleton 

4th World Cup Igls 

6th World Cup Igls (Replacement WC La Plagne / European Championship )

6th World Cup Altenberg 

8th World Cup Königssee

8th World Cup Lake Placid 

8th World Cup Sochi

9th World Cup Calgary

19th World Cup St.Moritz with new push record  

8th overall standing World Cup




Season 2013 / 2014, Skeleton 

1st  Swiss Push Championship Andermatt

1st  Swiss Championship St. Moritz

5th  World Cup Lake Placid 

9th  World Cup Lake Placid 

9th  World Cup Igls  with new push record  

9th  World Cup Königssee with new push record

11th World Cup Calgary 

12th World Cup St.Moritz with new push record   

14th World Cup Winterberg 

15th World Cup Park City 

18th Olympic Games Sochi 

 7th overall standing World Cup



Saeson 2012 / 2013, Skeleton

1st  Swiss Push Championship Andermatt

1st  Swiss Championship St. Moritz

15th World Championship St.Moritz

 16th World Cup La Plagne with new push record 

17th World Cup Winterberg

18th World Cup Königssee with new push record 

19th World Cup Lake Placid

20th World Cup Park City

20th World Cup Sochi with new push record

21st World Cup Whistler

22nd World Cup Igls


19th sverall standing World Cup  


Season 2011 / 2012, Skeleton

1st  Swiss Push Championship Andermatt

2nd  Swiss Championship St. Moritz

14th World Cup Igls

14th World Cup St. Moritz

15th World Cup Winterberg

16th World Cup Königssee

18th World Cup Calgary

19th World Cup Altenberg

20th World Championship Lake Placid

21st World Cup La Plagne



Season 2010 / 2011, Skeleton

1st Swiss Push Championship Andermatt

2nd Swiss Championship Andermatt

5th European Cup Igls (Double Race)

10th European Cup Winterberg

13th European Cup St. Moritz



Season 2007-2010 Bobsleigh, Breakman

Junior World Champion 2008 / 2010 2-Women Bobsleigh in Igls and St. Moritz (Pilots: Fabienne Meyer / Sabina Hafner)

Swiss Champion 2010 in St. Moritz

Top 15 Rankings World Cup